Farmers’ Bounty

I love the season of farmers’ markets!  Freshest fruits to help me try to walk a straight line towards nutrition.  Loving the cherries. Must begin the search tomorrow for a mother-of-the-bride dress.  Begone ye pounds from my torso.

Cherries are cheerful

Fruit Cup


A Walk in The Park (or thereabouts).

Central Park in Spring

Central Park in Spring

What a beautiful weekend in NYC – I love spring!  And I’m still enjoying retirement where Sunday nights feel like Friday nights.

Felt good to take the camera for a walk yesterday, along with some of my in-laws.  A walking tour hosted by my brother-in-law Jeff (a realtor) and accompanied by bro-in-law Ralph and his sister Lynne.  What fun people.  NYU professor shared her knowledge of the history along Central Park West from Columbus Circle/59th Street up to 81st and Broadway for after-tour drinks.

While many of the tour guests thought we would be venturing into the Park, our path was on Central Park West from 59th to 81st.  But as you can see by these shots, it was at our fingertips.  I love NYC in the spring.IMG_4257

Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History

Central Park in Spring

“Too Blessed To Be Stressed”

Sending thanks to Bren for reminding me of Paul Thorn’s song “Too Blessed to be Stressed.”   Keeping this in the forefront of my brain and heart as I move forward from the loss of a family member, my younger brother Larry – or as some of his friends knew him, “Cisco.”

I left home a month after graduating high school so many, many years ago.  Although I was only two years older, we were distances apart – he was to become a Cow Boy and I became an Urban Girl.  Our communications were sparse over the years until two years ago when he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  The distance between rural Florida and NYC began to decrease.

We were at extreme opposites when it came to our personalities.  We did not leave a footprint in each other’s life so I don’t expect my daily comings-and-goings will be overshadowed too much by his absence.  Sounds harsh, but it’s reality.  I recently spent the week in his home working as the executor of his will, or as they call it in his home state, his Personal Representative.  I was assisted by some hard-working family members from Indiana and the bonding experience with them was beautiful.

I knew my brother as the tall & thin, loud, abrasive guy who liked to verbally kick butt with all those around him – sometimes in humor, and sometimes not.  It was good to meet some of his friends and neighbors who shared their stories of him which reminded me of his good side.  He worked so hard in fighting this last battle of his life.  I feel great sadness when I think of his recent months of pain and his moments of anger when he didn’t have patience with those around him.  I am comforted that he is no longer in pain and hope that he’s in a better place now.  I can imagine him sitting on his throne in LarryLand.

My life philosophy has been reinforced as I think of him.  We need to find some bit of joy in each day while we are physically and mentally able to do so.  I think of my friends who deal with burdensome issues each day and how they gracefully keep on pushing.  I hope our friendship brings some sunshine into their hearts.  I am truly blessed when I think of the good people in my life.

Once again, thank you blog readers for allowing me to get it off my chest.  This is cheaper than therapy.

How can we be stressed when the signs of spring are beginning to appear here in the northeast?



Bushnell, FL

Bushnell, FL – Larry’s Smoking Lounge – sunrises and sunsets and his cigars.  The corn hole king.



Catching Up

We had an above-freezing cloudy day yesterday which was perfect for heading to the city.  First, an appointment to be fingerprinted for a TSA preCheck ID number –  to circumvent those pesky security lines at the airports.  Followed with the exercise of roaming NYC streets (which included browsing the gargantuan Barnes & Noble @ 53rd & 3rd).  Then a meet up for a LLL (lovely leisurely lunch) with Robin at a charming neighborhood cafe (link below) –  look forward to planning the next LLL.  The day ended with dinner shared with husband and son in the neighborhood (link below).  Days as these build me up!

Lunch in Midtown East

German dinner in the ‘hood.

Midtown (with no snow in view)

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An artful day

Went to NYC Museum Row yesterday – NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art.  What balm for the soul and mind.

A winter day at the museum.

A winter day at the museum.

In case you aren’t able to see the “Death Becomes Her” exhibit before it ends next week – check out the Museum video regarding the interesting exhibit of mourning clothing.

Started the morning early in order to get back home before the anticipated snow this afternoon (which now isn’t expected to show up until this evening).

Another spot to see (before the exhibit departs after Feb.15th is the Thomas Struth photography.  Here’s the Met Museum link as well as the NYPL interview video.

Looking for snow.

Looking for snow.

Assignment: Write to your dream reader, Blogging101

I’m pressing against a resistance to think of myself as a writer.  I’m more of a story teller or a relayer of incidents.

My initial purpose for blogging was to write as though I was hanging with good friends and chatting about random thoughts – something we can’t do in person because we’re separated by distance.  A tool to stay connected with the important people in my life – such as Bren in Pink as we have a lemonade break in Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC.  She moves at my pace as we explore the natural beauty around us and the beauty of our friendship.

Bren 041

Now I need to envision a larger hang-out as I make new friends through blogging about random thoughts, music, travel and, most importantly for me, photography.

The door is open – please join us.




Tagging my Tag Line

Blogging 101 – Day 2 assignment.

It’s comforting to read the fellow bloggers’ questions and comments in the Commons forum – nice to know that I’m not the only confused human here.

First, I’m trying to differentiate between tags, categories, etc.

Second, I like my tag line – “Keeping my eyes open” is a description of how I approach each day.  Think I’ll stick with it until I settle in and rethink my approach.

Who I Am and Why I Am Here

What am I about?  Family and Friendships are the backbone of my life or as one friend notes – good friends, good music & good food are the basics for a good life.  Amen.

I turned to blogging when Facebook no longer felt comfortable or interesting for the type of social connection I want.  While my initial intention was to provide a means to share my latest thoughts, funny tales of life with my husband, and photographs with a specific group of friends, I now want to go public to make new like-minded friends – such as Instagram has done for me.

I have never considered myself a writer, but I  like engaging others and surrounding myself with positive people – fodder for a more interesting life.  Those who know me well had no doubt that I would enjoy retirement – it’s been less than two months since the start of this new chapter so I might still be in the honeymoon phase, but I’m loving it.  Looking forward to taking my blogging and photography to the next level.

Thank you #blogging101.


Creative meandering thoughts

The weather in NYC is undecided as to whether it should rain or snow this afternoon – the clouds are releasing a blend of wet stuff.  Perfect day to think about my next project.  So excited.  Steve commented that he was seeing a new side of me, creative juices flowing as he described me.  What, my photography isn’t creative????  Understood.

Composition hodge podge

Composition hodge podge

The vibe of undertaking something for the first time – as I am in this project – makes me think of a young child in awe of  living life and learning.  With assistance from Steve and guidance from Brenda, I think all will turn out well.

The progression of life shifts as we become seniors.  Steve was contemplating this afternoon – as he ran through the rain drops to the wine store and received random kindness from young adults in the street because he’s s senior citizen.  What, you prefer them to be rude?  No, just that it’s sad that we’re getting old.

Life digresses as we get older; we turn back into a wee person who needs help.  At the moment I feel like I’m in grade school and it’s recess – time for recreation and fun.  Hopefully, the diapers won’t be needed for a very long time for me.


Wrapping up the year . . .

It’s time to close out the year by reflecting on the up’s & down’s of the past 12 months.

Put a plan in place for 2015.

Enjoy my time on earth with the people in my life.

Happy New Year to my friends & family.


Bringing in the new year with Reindeer Poop cooling in the dining room.  Let’s see if that description slows down the kids from eating all of these Rice Krispie treats.



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